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Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 is available for sale now

A commercial version of fully developed and tested Categorizer software application is released

EffectiveSoft announces a release of commercial version of Intellexer Categorizer 1.2. Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 is a stable and fully tested version of software application with installation improvements and additional categorization settings. Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 runs on 64-bit platform and performs document categorization and classification with accuracy.

Benefits and features of Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 version:

  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Use of latest semantic technologies
  • Automatic assignment of documents to categories
  • Analysis of the full text of documents
  • Possibility to range documents within a category
  • Time saving for further search and browsing
  • Support of various file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, MHTML/MHT, etc.)

Intellexer™ Categorizer 1.2 automatically classifies documents and organizes information within pre-defined categories that fit the structure of your organization and processes. Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 solves the problem of information overload and assists in data management work. Contact us to learn more about Intellexer Categorizer or download a trial.

April 1, 2010