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EffectiveSoft released Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 Beta with 64-bit platform support.

EffectiveSoft’s R&D department launched a new version of Intellexer Categorizer, a helpful tool for categorization of overwhelming amounts of documents.

On the 20th of January EffectiveSoft team updated former version of Categorizer and released Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 with new features and improvements. Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 is free desktop software, ideal for document categorization and information management. It easily assigns documents to categories, topics, or themes based on the knowledge gained at the training stage.

New version of Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 Beta preserves all features of previous version 1.0 Beta and includes 64-bit OS support. Now you can run Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 Beta on 64-bit platform and enjoy its features and functionality. Intellexer Categorizer software is ideal for enterprise content/knowledge management, business information management, patent prior art search and analysis.

Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 Beta is a helpful tool for:

  • protection against intellectual rights infringement
  • evaluation of new trends in business, science and technology
  • gathering intelligence about competitors’ activities

Intellexer Categorizer 1.1 Beta possesses high performance of categorization and flexibility; due to modern linguistic technologies and Linguistic Processor it handles of information on the level of meaning. Intellexer Categorizer belongs to the family of Intellexer solutions along with other Intellexer software as Intellexer Summarizer, Intellexer Comparator and Spellchecker. For more information about IntellexerTM visit our website or contact us.

January 20, 2010