Use Case:

"We discovered a new possibility to lead analytical researches based on a large amount of reports."

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Benefits and Features of Intellexer Categorizer

Intellexer Categorizer Benefits

  • Use of semantic technologies on every stage of work (formation of fingerprints, incoming documents analyzes, definition of proximity). The data handling is on the level of meaning
  • There are 7 categories with a set of etalon documents
  • Use of general documents to form etalon fingerprints
  • A possibility to range the documents within a category, based on the proximity value (to display the most relevant documents first)

Intellexer Categorizer Features

  • A possibility to create any catalogue structure
  • The principle of comparison is “all with all”. It means every document is in any way relevant to every category
  • Automatic update of meaning after changing the set of etalon documents or the catalogue structure